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I was invited to Taipei for five days to deliver three lectures and take part in a roundtable. I was sponsored  by the Research and Development Commission, Taiwan Governance Research Centre, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University, and the Program of Human Resources Development on Public Sector and Civil Society, National Taipei University. My hosts were charming and made sure there was some time for sightseeing. They provided a guide, no doubt to ensure their ‘investment’ did not get lost. Here I am pictured outside the National Palace Museum.

On the second day, I had two guides – Jose and Yuli. I do not know what I did to prompt such anxiety.

We visited the Beitou Museum and its associated hot springs. With their flowing sulphurous mists, they are a feature of the area – there are some thirty all told.

175 Heroes

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Bradford College, or as I knew it, the Tech, has been providing education and training in the city since 1832. In 2008-9, it celebrated a 175 years of providing education and training in Bradford and as part of its celebrations it has web site with 175 of its alumni and, of course, a birthday cake.

I am one of the so-called ‘heroes, see: As I attended for three hours a night after a day’s work for three nights a week, I prefer the description ‘survivor’!


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The public announcement may be a year late but the Institute of Public Administration Australia has awarded John Wanna and me the Sam Richardson Award for the most influential article published in 2007. See:

‘The Limits to Public Value, or Rescuing Responsible Government from the Platonic Guardians’,Australian Journal of Public Administration 66 (4) 2007: 406-421.

For information on the prize go to:

Published in 2009: Comparing Westminster and The Australian Study of Politics

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I chose the pictures for the covers and for no conscious reason, just happenstance, the recurrent motif was trees. So, for Comparing Westminster, we have trees  on the plains.

For the Australian Political Science Association’s The Australian Study of Politics, the Australian National University gave us permission to reproduce Basil Hadley’s ‘ Almost a lizard under every tree’

Taiwan again

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I earned my keep with four lectures. The first photographs shows mine host – Fisher (left) Chih-Mei (right) – and my interpreter – Chia-yu. Between them they made sure I had a splendid time.

The high point was my visit to Yangmingshang National Park, especially the tea ceremony in the traditional farm house.

Berkeley in the Fall

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In September, I moved on from a dreary and wet Britain to sunny Berkeley to work with Mark Bevir on our next book The State as Cultural Practice.

I stayed at the Women’s Faculty Club on Campus surrounded by redwood and oak trees listening to the bells of the Sather Bell Tower as I typed. This job has its compensations

Frank Stacey Memorial Lecture

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I delivered the Frank Stacey Memorial lecture at the PAC Annual Conference, University of York, on 2 September 2008. My topics was ‘Scenes from the department court’ and a copy of the paper can be found at online publications.

I am shown with Professor Mark Evans, the conference convenor, and Professor Andrew Massey, an officer of the PAC.

APSA Conference, BrisbaneThe Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane on 7-9 July.  As well as the the usual plenary and panel sessions, I attended an Executive Committee meeting, a Heads of Department meeting, a three-hour meeting about the future of the Australian Journal of Political Science and, of course the Annual General Meeting at which I presented my Secretary-Treasurer’s report.