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FROM LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO NARRATIVES:  ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF R. A. W. RHODES, Editor, Public Administration, 1986 to 2010. Guest Editor: Patrick Weller

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1. The Irrepressible Rod Rhodes: Contesting Traditions, Blurring Genres

  John Wanna, Australian National University and Griffith University and Patrick Weller, Griffith University

 2. Was local governance such a good idea? A global comparative perspective

Gerry Stoker

Southampton University

3 The New Orthodoxy: The Differentiated Polity Model

David Marsh

Australian National University

4.  Networks: Reified Metaphor or Governance Panacea?

Tanya Börzel

Freie Universität Berlin

5.  Core Executive Studies Two Decades On

Robert Elgie

Dublin City University

6.  The Whitehall Programme and after: researching government in time of governance.

Christine Bellamy

Nottingham Trent University

7.Whitehall: A Practitioner’s View

Lord Wilson of Didcot

Emmanuel College, Cambridge

 8. From Government to Governance to Governing elites:Rhodes’ contribution to governance theory

Anne Mette Kjær

University of Aarhus

9.  Not odious but onerous? Comparative public administration

Christopher Pollitt

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

10.  It’s Pubic Administration, Rod, but Maybe Not as We know it: British Public Administration in the 2000s.

Christopher Hood

Al lSoulsCollege,Oxford

11 The Study of Public Administration in the United States

Jos Raadschelders

University o fOklahoma

12. Governance Ethnographies: possibilities, pitfalls and purpose

Francesca Gains

University of  Manchester

13.  Interpreting Interpretivism Interpreting Interpretations: The New Hermeneutics of Public Administration.

Colin Hay

University of  Sheffield

14.  Public Administration as storytelling

Mark Bevir

University of California

 15. Thinking on: a career in public administration

R. A. W. Rhodes

University of Tasmania and Australian National University


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