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175 Heroes

Bradford College, or as I knew it, the Tech, has been providing education and training in the city since 1832. In 2008-9, it celebrated a 175 years of providing education and training in Bradford and as part of its celebrations it has web site with 175 of its alumni and, of course, a birthday cake.

I am one of the so-called ‘heroes, see: As I attended for three hours a night after a day’s work for three nights a week, I prefer the description ‘survivor’!


The public announcement may be a year late but the Institute of Public Administration Australia has awarded John Wanna and me the Sam Richardson Award for the most influential article published in 2007. See:

‘The Limits to Public Value, or Rescuing Responsible Government from the Platonic Guardians’,Australian Journal of Public Administration 66 (4) 2007: 406-421.

For information on the prize go to:

Published in 2009: Comparing Westminster and The Australian Study of Politics

I chose the pictures for the covers and for no conscious reason, just happenstance, the recurrent motif was trees. So, for Comparing Westminster, we have trees  on the plains.

For the Australian Political Science Association’s The Australian Study of Politics, the Australian National University gave us permission to reproduce Basil Hadley’s ‘ Almost a lizard under every tree’