The 2012 ISRPM and Routledge Prize

The following is a post from Rod Rhodes Professional News & Events. Posted on 11-12-12

I have just been awarded the International Research  Society for Public Management and Routledge prize for 2012. It  is awarded to “someone who has made a substantial contribution to public management research” (see:

The citation reads:

“Rod Rhodes is no doubt not only one of the most well-known public administration scholars but also someone who has renewed his research and research topics throughout his life. A prominent scholar in network theory in the eighties and nineties, but also an interesting observant of the changes in administrative life after that (see for instance: his work with Mark Bevir) and always good for an interesting provocative debate at conferences and seminars. Truly a remarkable and significant scholar in the field”.


It was presented in Prague on 11th April 2013.

Previous winners include Christopher Hood, Christopher Pollitt, and Fritz Scharpf.

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