Frank Stacey Memorial Lecture

The following is a post from Rod Rhodes Professional News & Events. Posted on 14-10-08

I delivered the Frank Stacey Memorial lecture at the PAC Annual Conference, University of York, on 2 September 2008. My topics was ‘Scenes from the department court’ and a copy of the paper can be found at online publications.

I am shown with Professor Mark Evans, the conference convenor, and Professor Andrew Massey, an officer of the PAC.

APSA Conference, BrisbaneThe Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference was held at the Hilton Hotel, Brisbane on 7-9 July.  As well as the the usual plenary and panel sessions, I attended an Executive Committee meeting, a Heads of Department meeting, a three-hour meeting about the future of the Australian Journal of Political Science and, of course the Annual General Meeting at which I presented my Secretary-Treasurer’s report.


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